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You create a campaigns using banners we provide or make some of your own.

Tracking and Record

When someone clicks your link we set a tracking and record it for you. All signatures automatically generate a time-stamped proof file to secure your agreements.


You earn based on the type of client/plan the referral purchase.


Behosted Affliates

Whether you maintain a website or a blog, with our Hosting Affiliates program you have the ability to insert our banners into your website in order to benefit from the advertisement of BeHosted.

By signing up for a free account, you will receive a unique link that will enable you to shared it with your friends.

Each time a user clicks on the banner, the user will be transferred to our website where any purchase will be registered and therefore the fee from the said purchase (even if the purchase is completed after a period of time) will be added into your account.

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